Privacy policy

My privacy policy refers to all the records regarding life problems, uncertainties, matters, name, address, telephone numbers and miscellaneous data of the client are contained in the server that are not meant to be disclosed to anyone externally. We belong to the segment of Vashikaran and astrology and I am aware of the intention of my privacy policy. My commitment – I keep privacy policy in mind and confidentially provide astrological services. From the point of view of our services provided I make use of my customer data with the condition that none of my team members disclose their relevant details to anybody living in the outside world.

While asking for your confidential information, I set my own limitations just to the bond of data relevancy, the reason being that I have to set the tariff that is rightly suitable for you. I assure that the server from which you are trying to navigate our website is facilitated. No personal data is contained in it and your server details disappear after the session expiry. We have techniques that make it easier to realize that no one can use the access behavior of individual users. I only depend upon the secret usage of data for the activation of the website.

I affirm to save all the personal information of the client within the server, which is retrievable on the respective owner’s request. I strictly adhere to copyright law during the analysis at the time of using customer information for undertaking our services. I consider it illegal to misuse the personal data of the clients or subscribers just to promote my internal projects or for any marketing purposes. I only use your personal information for problem solving and astrological services on request by you. Until I get your consent, I don’t permit myself to make use of your personal information.