The pages of my website http://www.islamicvashikaran.com/ are highlighted ultra carefully after critical examination. I do regular revision, innovation and extra additions. But I don’t assume any guarantee or responsibility for the comprehensiveness, truthfulness and appropriateness of these pages.

The instigator holds no responsibility for the matters contained in other websites on the internet that include reference links from my website either directly or indirectly. Neither there is any deliberation nor is there any likeliness in the constant checking of the linked content. It is presumed that the content will be responsible for highlighting updated and existing knowledge of illegal or criminal matter among other things. I openly proclaim that there is no illegal or offensive matter posted on the linked pages while linking. If the sites that are linked include contents that are offensive or illegal, straightaway I split up from these. I also provide contents to websites of other service providers with hyperlinks to my website pages as these are projects that are separate and independent, to which I hold no authorization.

Everyone is clear about it that I work with honesty and dedication, to the extent of my best ability and belief that imparts knowledge freely for my clients to boon from. I take all my responsibilities seriously with full awareness.

I proffer explanations, interpretations, analysis, causes explorations, solutions, location decisions, identification ways, assistance in finding views of life stages, persuasion of the responsibility spirit, maturity sustainment, outlining logical, priorities set up, meaning and determination, reference objectives, lifetime relief and assistance.

I don’t hold any liability for damages caused by material and immaterial things arising on their own and against third parties also verbally, decisively and actionable from my clients and customers, although they are linked to any of my services.

Date Published: 10/22/2014